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A Bright Bedroom Refresh

Coming out of the hibernation of winter doesn’t only mean warmer weather, it can also mean creating a new space centered around you. Local interior designer Lisa Crowder tells us how to make a bedroom feel brand new.

By Michelle Lewis

Mar 2023

Photos by Jordan BrittleyUpdated artwork, lighting and decor items breathe new life into your space without the hassle and stress of a major renovation project.

Lisa Crowder considers the bedroom to be the most intimate space in a home. While living rooms and kitchens serve as communal spaces for guests and the whole family, the bedroom is a place to express what speaks to you. Refreshing your bedroom is something that is beneficial to do seasonally, says Crowder. These refreshes don’t have to break the bank, can be done without renovations or remodeling and only require a few steps to make your bedroom feel brand new.

Start With a Deep Clean and De-clutter

Before getting too far, you’ll want to start with a good spring cleaning throughout the entire space. Open your windows while you clean to let in the fresh spring air you missed during the winter. This is also the time you should work on de-cluttering the room. Take the things that have gathered over the winter months and return them to where they belong. If there is anything that doesn’t have a place to return to, this is the perfect time to find or create a home for it. 

Update Your Bedding

By switching out the linens on your bed you can achieve a dramatic change. Take away your heavy winter duvet and replace it with something lighter and brighter for the spring. Replace your throw pillows or switch them out with others from your home. As the weather gets warmer, Crowder recommends choosing bedding made of natural fibers such as linen or even bamboo. 

Swap Your Artwork

Take down your artwork with dark colors or winter scenes to replace them with something lighter. “Getting those softer colors through your artwork really makes a big difference, says Crowder. Botanical prints are increasingly popular and can be an easy way to achieve something wispy. Try to make your bedding and your artwork work together to create your perfect space.

Consider Fresh Flowers or a Potted Plant

Introducing plants into your bedroom can go a long way. Crowder encourages choosing live plants to bring fresh air into your home. Whether you choose fresh flowers or decide to get some faux plants, this is an easy way to introduce color and to visually liven up the space. 

Try a New Layout

If your space allows it, experiment with a new layout. Try switching out pieces of furniture for others in your home. For those with bedrooms where furniture can’t be moved, explore the possibilities of your decorative accents. Shop your house and move elements around from room to room.