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Colby Kern's Monochromatic Paintings

Local artist Colby Kern creates one-of-a-kind modern paintings that can elevate the design of any space.

By Michelle Lewis

Dec 2022

Colby Kern
Photo Courtesy Colby KernKern places a little bit of his own flair into each of his pieces.

With a background in photography and interior design, Colby Kern recently turned to the world of painting after being told he has a natural eye for composition. His paintings feature monochromatic palettes, texture and organic patterns. In each of Kern’s works he builds layers of paint to create a personality of the piece that can’t be recreated. This process of creating his paintings is what has become the most important to Kern. He falls in love with every piece he creates and works to make artwork he would hang in his own home. “If I wouldn’t hang it on my wall I wouldn’t want anyone else to,” he says. See more of Kern’s artwork at OH Gallery during February’s First Friday Art Walk.