Home Decor

Stylish Game Tables

Break out the board games, because this trending table is all about bringing people together and having fun.

By Heather Kane Kohler

Dec 2023

Over the past three years we’ve all been spending more time in our homes than ever before and this has really changed the way we live in our homes. Everything doesn’t revolve around screen time anymore, and people are playing games again!

Thus, designers and homeowners are reintroducing a forgotten piece of furniture into the living room: the game table. Game tables can go perfectly in a tucked away nook, or in an open floor plan it can help create a cozy room within a room. Typically, game tables are smaller in size than a traditional dining table and can accommodate up to four people. Some people opt for a traditional game table with an inlay of a game board on them; however, many people prefer something a bit more versatile. A simple round or square table could accommodate a variety of activities like doing puzzles, having snacks and cocktails or just hanging out with a good book. Creating an area like this in your home that’s dedicated to other activities not only feels inviting, it can be very stylish if done nicely. 

Try pub-style upholstered chairs on casters in a rich velvety fabric for easy and cozy use, or opt for a vintage style table in a dark cherry or walnut for something elegant that could be dressed up for an evening of cocktails and good conversation. Families that choose to fully embrace old-fashioned activities by creating a designated area for board and card games will truly benefit from the togetherness it brings.