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Homegrown Artwork from Dana Neuenschwander

The impressionistic style of Dana Neuenschwander utilizes non-local colors to create an exaggerated flair.

By Michelle Lewis

Mar 2023

Painting of sunset by Dana Neuenschwander
Photo Courtesy Dana NeuenschwanderDana Neuenschwander's work can be found at Formed Gallery.

Dana Neuenschwander still remembers the first art class she took at the Springfield Art Museum when she was six years old. Since then, she has explored a variety of mediums before settling into the acrylic paints she uses today. With a central focus on cityscapes and landscapes, Neuenschwander creates paintings of things she finds interesting to look at. “I want people to make their own narrative from my work,” she says. “I want them to feel their own connection.” Neuenschwander’s most recent work is a collaborative series with Lura Faye centered around the feeling of growing up in the Ozarks. “Everything is larger than life and we are hoping to bring a feeling of wonder when you look at the artwork,” says Neuenschwander. Pieces for the series begin with Neuenschwander’s paintings and the pair work together to bring in 3D elements. The next exhibit of her collaborative work can be viewed at The Southern Missouri Arts Connection in Hollister throughout the month of March. To view more of Neuenschwander’s work, visit Formed Gallery in Springfield.