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Tasteful Teal for Your Decor

Rich, vibrant and earthy teal brings a punch to interiors this year.

By Heather Kane Kohler

Mar 2023

Teal items for home decor
Photo by Brandon AlmsAdd a splash of teal to your decor for a modern update. Purchase Photo

If you’re a lover of color, then may we suggest teal? Given that teal is a blue and green hybrid, it’s no surprise that this color offers rich jewel-tone vibes while still feeling earthy. Don’t confuse teal and turquoise when shopping for the perfect shade to add to your home. Teal is darker and has lower saturation, where turquoise is quite bright and even has elements of yellow.

Give new life to boring cabinets and bookshelves with a fresh coat of glossy teal paint or try adding an upholstered teal ottoman or rug to your space to create a punch of vibrant color. Chenille is a great fabric choice when playing with teal solids. It adds a bit of sheen and is so luxurious!

When looking for colors to pair with rich teal furnishings and paint, keep things sophisticated with navy, camel brown and copper. Layering these colors is not only unexpected; it also creates a gorgeous and rich natural palette that feels worldly and cozy at the same time.

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