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Ellecor Design & Gifts: A Cosmetic-Only Office Transformation

Changing the entire feel of a room can often be tricky without making structural changes. Ellecor Design & Gifts in Springfield MO took on this challenge by completely revamping an office space with cosmetic updates only.

By Evan Greenberg

Mar 2019

After Picture of Ellecor Design & Gifts Office Renovation
Photo By Brenna Stark Photography(AFTER) The finished project reveals a complete transformation of cosmetic updates which changed the room entirely.
Before Picture of Ellecor Design & Gifts Office Renovation
Photo By Brenna Stark Photography(BEFORE) When Ellecor Design & Gifts started working on the design for this office space, they recognized the need for a more bold, spacious room.

Sierra Penas, an interior designer at Ellecor Design & Gifts (623 S Pickwick Ave., Springfield, 417-720-2602), had a unique challenge when it came to a recent office space redesign. Her client’s office is one of the first things visitors see right off the entryway when they enter the home. “The biggest thing she wanted was [for the room] to be bold,” Penas says. That last part is important—Penas’ client wanted a dramatic makeover, but only with cosmetic changes, creating a tricky line to toe. Penas suggested a change in wall color to navy blue, something that is on-trend but is also classic. To counterbalance the darkness, she put in white curtains. This created a distinct and classy consonance. 

By using contrasting colors, Penas also made the room seem more spacious. “We didn’t really do anything that actually [made it bigger],” Penas says. “It’s just all of the design elements that come together that sort of trick the eye.” One of these design elements is the wood beam. A piece like that is noticeable, and Penas was wary of the beams making the room feel top-heavy. But when mixed together with the blue walls and white of the curtains, it works in a nice harmony.

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