A Simple Orchid Planter DIY

This simple orchid planter makes a beautiful and bold display for summer. Make your own by following these four easy steps.

By Heather Kane Kohler

Jun 2020

potted orchid
Photo by Heather Kane KohlerPlanting your own orchid couldn't be easier when you follow these four simple steps.

Orchids are one of nature's most exotic blooms and there’s nothing better than using the real thing in your home. Whether you're creating a beautiful centerpiece for your table or you’re just wanting something natural and tropical for your entryway, this orchid planter is a whimsical and eye-catching choice. Choose a container that's wide enough so you can easily fit several plants and that's around 4.5 inches deep. Try repurposing vintage soup serving bowls, or look for shallow planters while out shopping or online. Consider the color scheme you want for your planter and choose smaller plants that need similar lighting conditions to complement the color of your orchids. I used two orchids, but if you want to do a smaller version you could just use one.

Photos by Heather Kane Kohler Gather your supplies and get to planting! This simple orchid DIY makes a wonderful gift or bright pop of color in your own home.

What you need

Ceramic planter
Potting soil and drainage rocks
Garden moss
Two orchids
Small filler plants

Step 1

Begin by gathering and assembling your filler for the planter. You’ll need drainage rocks, potting soil, moss and gardening tools. 

Step 2

Prep your plants properly. Leave your orchids in their plastic containers but trim the tops of the plastic if needed so they sit flush inside your planter. 

Step 3

Place the orchids where you want them in the planter and pour the rocks around their bases. Don’t worry if you need to have the base of your orchid slanted, the rocks will hold them in place.

Step 4

Create a layer of soil on top of the rocks around the orchid containers. Remove your other plants from their containers, and plant them around the orchids. Fill any holes with soil and then place moss around all of the plants.

Orchid Tips

1. Most orchids like bright, indirect light so pick other plants that like the same lighting conditions when choosing your filler plants.

2. When shopping for orchids, pay attention to the leaves. These should be a rich green and look very healthy.

3. Don’t worry about getting filler plants that need the same amount of water as orchids do. You will be keeping your orchids in their original container, so you can water them separately from your filler plants.

4. Never take blooming orchids out of their original containers. Once the blooms drop you can repot your orchids, but until then, don’t risk it.

5. Succulents make wonderful filler plants. Just break them up with at least one flowering plant and some vines. This will give you a variety of textures.

6. Your orchid leaves will drop, but don’t panic! Simply remove the orchids from the container and replace with a new blooming orchid or another statement flower. Repot your bloomless orchid and continue to water and give it light—it will bloom after being dormant for several months.

7. Orchids don’t like high heat, so they really do better inside rather than outside on your patio.