Anytime Feels Like Island Time with Mai Tai's To-Go from Golden Girl Rum Club

The to-go cocktail menu at Golden Girl Rum Club in downtown Springfield includes many of the bar's signature favorites, including the Mai Tai.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Jun 2020

Mai Thai for Two Bottle from Golden Girl Rum Club in Springfield MO
Photo by Sara GenslerOrder a Mai Tai for two off of Golden Girl's to-go cocktail menu to take the breezy, island feeling back to the comfort of your own home. Purchase Photo

One thing that didn’t change for me and my husband during our COVID-19 stay-at-home days was the fact that date night opportunities were few and far between. It used to be because of busy schedules, small kids and life. During the stay-at-home order, it was because of… well… the stay-at-home order. Golden Girl Rum Club (137 Park Central West, Springfield) saved the day and made mini at-home date nights easy with their to-go cocktails. We loved the Mai Tai for Two. The glass bottle was filled with orange and lime juice, almond, rum and mint—and it came with paper straws and umbrellas, which honestly added a good amount of fun to the experience. We poured them out over ice and toasted to a healthy family and a tasty cocktail.

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