The Old Cuban at Golden Girl Rum Club

Try this tart and punchy drink at The Golden Girl Rum Club.

By Claire Porter

Feb 2019

My cocktail tastes have become pretty predictable these days: nothing saccharine, strong but smooth, citrusy and subtly sour. My friends, on the other hand, prefer bright, lusciously fruity flavors that burst with sweetness. One night the stars aligned, and my sweet-toothed friends and I found drink harmony at The Golden Girl Rum Club (137 Park Central Square, Springfield, 417-425-5162) with their version of the Old Cuban. Considered a “modern classic,” an Old Cuban sits somewhere between a mojito and a French 75. Bacardi Anejo Cuatro, mint and lime commingle for a tart and punchy sip, and when you pour in the prosecco served on the side, the bubbly sweetness creates a drink that’s light, fun to sip and irresistible. (We each had two!)

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