Lae's Authentic Egg Rolls

Satisfy your fresh spring roll cravings at a food truck that makes some seriously delicious Asian eats.

by Katie Pollock Estes

Aug 2023

If you love east Asian food as much as I do, then your strongest culinary cravings always steer toward soul-warming noodle dishes, rich ramen and spicy curries. But sometimes, especially during the hottest months of the year, your desire to gobble up those hearty dishes is replaced by something oh-so-bright and light: fresh spring rolls. I love the ones served at Lae’s Authentic Egg Rolls, a food truck that you’ve probably seen around town at local events and breweries. Their fresh spring rolls feature a tender rice paper casing that is jam packed with crisp and crunchy veggies (lettuce, carrots, cucumbers), a mountain of fresh herbs, cold vermicelli rice noodles and thinly sliced shrimp. Every bite tastes like summertime, and the peanut dipping sauce is lick-your-fingers delish. My favorite way to make a meal here is to get an order of fresh spring rolls and go with a friend who’ll get an order of Chinese BBQ pork sticks. There are two in each order, so you and your pal can split for the perfect lunchtime portion of food. The piping-hot pork sticks are crispy, slightly sweet and pure umami—the perfect foil to those super-fresh spring rolls.

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Egg rolls with sweet-and-sour sauce in a paper box.
Photos by Leah StiefermannLae's chicken egg rolls. Purchase Photo
A skewer, spring roll, and egg roll in a paper box.
Photos by Leah StiefermannLae's Chinese BBQ pork skewer, egg rolls, and spring rolls. Purchase Photo
A bright red food truck.
Photos by Leah StiefermannLae's food truck. Purchase Photo
A pork skewer held aloft in front of the food truck.
Photos by Leah StiefermannLae's showstopper Chinese BBQ pork skewer Purchase Photo