Four Asian Noodle Dishes

Now that Karai Ramen + Handroll has opened up shop in Springfield, we decided to create a quick round-up of the various tasty Asian noodles you can find around town. They are the perfect cozy dish on days.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Mar 2018

Hot ramen with noodles and meat

Japanese: Karai Tonkatsu Ramen
Karai Ramen + Handroll
640 W. Republic Road, Suite 100, Springfield

A perfect slice of pork and a beautiful boiled egg (with a runny yolk!) top the rich broth and tender ramen noodles.

Vietnamese: Pho Tai
Bambu Vietnamese Cuisine
1338 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield

Rich and complex broth comes out piping hot with sliced rare eye of round beef, bean sprouts, jalapeños, fresh herbs and tons of rice vermicelli.

Thai: Curry Noodles
Rama Thai Café
1127 E. Walnut St., Springfield

Egg noodles swim in a broth made with rich curry and coconut milk. Add the spicy chili sauces to amp up the heat.

Korean: Japchae
Soo’s Korean Restaurant
3644 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield

Clear glass noodles made from sweet potatoes are served in a sticky-sweet sauce with lots of fresh scallions and bits of scrambled egg