A Grand entrance

Create a wintry entrance to your home this season with a custom-designed wreath, rustic decor and real cedars. Your neighbors will be green with envy.

Styled by Heather Kane | Photo by Kevin O’Riley

Dec 2015


Style Tip: Add something personal, like these antlers, to your wreath. Wickman’s Garden Village can incorporate almost anything into your custom wreath design—a child’s letter to Santa or your old flute you played in high school would be extra-sweet. 


1. Custom designed permanent botanical wreath with snow drop berries, $250 by Steve Waddell at Wickman’s Garden Village

2. Fresh cedars, $60 each at Wickman’s Garden Village

3. Birch ball ornaments, $4.50 each at Me and My House

4. Wicker baskets, $10 at Wickman’s Garden Village 

5. Deer figurine, $77.25 each at Me and My House