Step Inside the Oghlakian's Stunning Contemporary Wonder

Dr. Roger Oghlakian and his wife Dr. Mathilda Oghlakian spent five months turning their modernized dreams into a reality.

By Jenna deJong | Photos by Brandon Alms

Jan 2018

Photo by Brandon AlmsOnly used for entertaining, the formal living room serves as the focal point of the house. The Oghlakians decided to place a painting on top of the fireplace for a unique centerpiece to the room.

The goal was something unique. Dr. Roger Oghlakian and his wife Dr. Mathilda Oghlakian spent five months picking out decorations and color schemes for their new home, and the result is extraordinary.  

Roger spends 60 to 70 hours a week as a neurologist, specializing in epilepsy and seizures. When he comes home to his wife and two kids, he always dreamt of returning to contemporary splendor. After months of planning with Mathilda, his wish was granted in their Millwood home. 

When the couple moved to Springfield, their first house was more traditional; they decorated to the best of their abilities, but it still didn’t feel like home. “We used different pieces, but since the home was more traditional on the outside and interior, we were limited with what we could do,” Roger says. 

Photo by Brandon AlmsWhen the Oghlakians moved from their first house in Springfield last year, they wanted to stay away from traditional homes and eventually fell in love with their current house’s flair. The outside of the home is Tuscan-style, decorated with a tiled roof, stone and stucco.

The Oghlakians were so eager to show their true style that they started buying decorations before they closed on their newly built 5,000-square-foot Tuscan-style home in January. They held off their move-in date for four months, determined to have the house finished before settling down.  

The result is stunning. The couple used acrylics, metals, gold, chrome, velvet and leather throughout the entire house, and the same color scheme is repeated in each room. “I wouldn’t call it modern because when I think of modern, I think of simplicity,” Roger says. “It’s modern, but it is complicated, so it’s something a lot of people haven’t seen before.”

When the couple was in the middle of planning, they kept the house as a whole in mind. “We looked at a lot of California homes and got ideas from that,” he says. “We wanted to leave an impression and make it feel as if you left Springfield and entered another place.” They spent many nights online choosing pieces that would match their ideas, except for a few items purchased at Obelisk Home.

Only one piece was brought from their previous house—a chair. “At the time, I told [Mathilda] the custom chair was very expensive, but we loved it so much,” Roger says. “We had just moved in [to our old house], but we wanted the place to feel like ours. It just reminds us of where we got our start.” 

Since moving in at the end of April, the couple has held multiple gatherings and received praise for their dedication and styling. “So many people have said this space is so us and call it the ‘Oghlakian Boutique,’” he says. “We spent a lot of sleepless nights measuring, but every single minute was worth it.” 

Photo by Brandon AlmsThe lighter-colored kitchen was one of the few rooms the Oghlakians mostly left alone. They simply added glass to some of the cabinets to continue their modern look. The rest of the kitchen includes a double oven, beverage cooler, gas range and Internet refrigerator.
Photos by Brandon Alms Casual Dining Room (left): When the couple originally looked at the house, they didn’t want their kids to hang out upstairs, so they turned the space near the kitchen into a casual dining area where the family could spend time together. For each season, Mathilda sets out a centerpiece with a different pop of color that changes the look of the room. Formal Dining Room (right): Because they wanted an open environment, the couple knocked down a wall leading from the living room to the dining room, which they use on special occasions or when entertaining. They selected the chairs for their simple and modern yet classy appeal.
Photos by Brandon AlmsOne of Roger’s favorite rooms is the master bedroom because of the royal-esque chrome bed and pink fur bench at the foot of the bed and chairs next to the window.
Photos by Brandon AlmsThe chairs and benches were available in black, white and pink, which the couple liked best because it adds an unexpected pop of color.
Photos by Brandon AlmsThe centerpiece in the master bathroom is the silver chained chandelier. The piece is made of little chains that appear a tarnished silver color when the lights are off and gold when they are turned on. The light is subtle and dreamy, and the small ottoman placed directly underneath completes the room.
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Photos by Brandon Alms Downstairs Living Area (left): The basement, complete with a wooden bar, is the designated spot for the Oghlakians’ children, family time and casual entertaining with friends. The couple wanted the space to be trendy and sporty so they added black leather couches and touches of red after finding an oversized red painting. At-Home Entertainment (right): The theater is mostly used for entertaining other couples and, occasionally, a second spot to watch television. The room is set up with four recliner theater seats with LED lights, cup holders and trays and is one of the Oghlakians’ favorite spots to unwind after the kids go to bed.
Photo by Brandon AlmsWhen out-of-towners stay at the Oghlakian home, they are pleased to find a bedroom suite of their own, equipped with a private bathroom and closet. The color scheme carried through the rest of the house is consistent in the guest bedroom, which includes the metal-based end tables.
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe Oghlakians’ two young children currently share a room in the basement and sleep on a gray bunk bed matching the color of the wall. The bed also has a trundle bed to pull out for slumber parties. The rest of the room is accented with green to keep it gender-neutral.
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