Kiddie Couture at Haute Tot Upscale Kids Resale

Haute Tot Upscale Kids Resale offers high-end children’s fashions at prices for every family.

Written by Lillian Stone | Photos by Vivian Wheeler

Jul 2017

Robin Hall and Hannah King opened Haute Tot Upscale Kids Resale earlier this year. Both women have a passion for children’s clothing.

I’ve visited countless thrift stores, pawing through racks for hours only to come up empty-handed. Haute Tot Upscale Kids Resale is anything but a thrift store. The boutique is looking to make the resale shopping experience a touch more fabulous, especially for busy parents.

Haute Tot is owned by Robin Hall and Hannah King. Hall, a mother of five, sold boutique fashions online for 10 years. King’s first job was in children’s retail at age 16. “I immediately knew that I had found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” says King. 

Walking into the sunny boutique, you are greeted by well-organized racks of trendy children’s clothing and accessories. The selection is expansive; Haute Tot has quadrupled its inventory since opening January 28. The boutique carries clothing and accessories for kiddos of all ages, with sizes ranging from preemie to youth 16. The selection includes toys, books, bows, bibs, shoes and dancewear, plus items for Mom like brand-name women’s activewear.

According to King, Haute Tot offers more boutique children’s fashions than many resale shops. The term “boutique” is not to be confused with “stuffy”—you won’t find snooty vibes at Haute Tot. Although Haute Tot’s name indicates an upscale inventory, the prices are attractive for even the most limited budget. A lot of items are around the $12.99 price range, with some steals as low as 99 cents.

At first glance, it’s hard to tell that Haute Tot offers resale fashions. The merchandise is very gently used, with lots of never-worn pieces on the shelves. That’s due in part to scrupulous inspection of each and every potential resale item by the boutique’s staff. Haute Tot accepts boys’ and girls’ clothing regardless of brand in exchange for cash or store credit. Some resale prospects don’t make the cut. At that point, Haute Tot offers to donate the items to Thrift Haven, a local thrift store that supports Fair Haven Children’s Home in Strafford.

Haute Tot knows how to stay top-of-mind, thanks in part to the catchy new tag line: “Shop it like it’s Haute.” At Haute Tot, that means finding high-quality, affordable items without digging through stuffed thrift store buckets, and there’s nothing more haute than that.

Q&A with Robin Hall and Hannah King

417 Magazine: What do you love most about children’s style?
Hannah King: Every kid we see is dressed differently. Even if they’re wearing the same brand, they’re wearing it differently. The clothing that the children wear individualizes them.

417: Do you think kids should dress themselves?
Robin Hall: Yeah, it’s fun to see kids when they have their own style. I’ve had five kids, and I’ve seen five different styles.

417: How do you find a great bargain?
H.K.: Shop often with us and you’re going to get the best bargains. We put out new things on a daily basis. Every time you come in here, you’re going to find different treasures.