Selling a wide range of stylish, transitional home décor, Springfield’s Ellecor is a great addition to 417-land’s home furniture stores.

by Savannah Waszczuk

Jun 2014

Photos by Kevin O’Riley

2144 E. Republic Rd., Ste. A-100, Springfield, 417-720-2602,;
Open Mon.–Fri., 10 a.m.–7 p.m.; Sat., 10 a.m.–5 p.m.


Located in Farmers Park—Springfield’s newest destination for first-class shopping and dining—Ellecor adds a new element to the local furniture shopping scene. With sealed concrete floors and an open-grid ceiling, the building itself boasts an industrial look. Collections of transitional home furnishings set the stage throughout the 2,300-square-foot space and are arranged to create miniature scenes of stylish, dream-worthy living spaces.

Setting the store apart from other home décor stores was a goal of Haden Long, who opened Ellecor in March 2014. Long compares her inventory to a mix of Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and Anthropologie, all big-name retailers often found in major cities. “Our stuff is industrial and transitional, but also comfy and cozy,” Long says. Throughout the space, tables that tastefully combine wood and metal sit near plush couches that are just begging for you to dive onto them. “Couches have to be comfortable, because so many people live on their couch,” Long says. “You don’t want a couch you can’t lie on, or wrestle with your kids on, or eat on, or lie with your dogs on.” 

Ellecor carries Norwalk Furniture and has many pieces on display plus a full wall of fabrics for custom upholstery. “There are 750 fabrics to choose from, with 100 couches and chairs,” Long says. “It takes about four weeks to get the pieces in once they’re ordered.” 

After one look at the well-designed store, there’s a good chance you’ll wish Long could be your very own personal designer. You’re in luck. She can. Long has degrees in both merchandising and interior design and has done interior design work for years, and it’s now a part of her full-time gig. 

In addition to couches, chairs and other large-scale furnishings, Ellecor sells lighting, accent tables, lamps, wall art and other décor. Styles range from warm modern to industrial, with the whole store serving as an example of how to elegantly combine varying styles for a cohesive look. 

“We sell to all tastes,” Long says. There’s also jewelry, scarves and other small items that appeal to the crowd that spills in from the farmers’ market.

Q&A with Ellecor Owner Haden Long

417 magazine: What are three words that describe Ellecor’s merchandise?
Haden Long: Eclectic, crisp and cozy.

417: What do you look for when ordering merchandise to sell at Ellecor?
H.L.: I look for things that I feel like you can’t find anywhere else around here and things I would want in my own space.

417: What are some up-and-coming home design trends?
H.L.: Right now, the reclaimed and industrial look is really big. There’s lots of mixing woods and metals.

417: How did you end up opening a home interior store?
H.L.: It’s always been my dream and something that I wanted to do. When Farmers Park opened, I told my husband, ‘If we’re going to open a store, this is where it needs to be.’ 

417: What is your favorite home décor style?
H.L.: I don’t have a favorite. I really like and enjoy everything. I would say my strengths are more towards transitional décor, but I really do enjoy designing everything.

417: What do you think is the most important thing your shoppers feel while in your store?
H.L.: Comfortable.

417: If you could have any item in your store right now, what would it be?
H.L.: The teal metal three-tier table. It would make an awesome island in my kitchen.

417: What was your first-ever experience with home design?
H.L.: Growing up with my mom, I always remember our house being the cool, well-designed house. My mom was always creating things and doing cool things. Anytime I would bring my friends over, they would always talk about how cool our house was. 

417: What is the most essential part to any home?
HL: A good sofa.
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