A Peek Inside ViVo’s New Digs

ViVo Salon’s new location in southeast Springfield is a fresh makeover inspiring creativity in stylists and clients.

Written by Rose Marthis | Photos by Brandon Alms

Jun 2017

We all need to touch up our roots sometimes. Even hair salons can use a color boost, and ViVo Salon was no exception. Approaching an end to their lease after 11 years at their Republic Road location, co-owners Lori Hill, Jennifer Christian and Jana Myers decided it was time for a move and an upgrade. After six months of planning, renovating and designing, the ViVo team moved into the Brentwood Center in December 2016. 

One of the biggest changes the team wanted to make was to create a more cohesive space, Hill says. The old location was two buildings in one, and the wall in the middle of the salon created a barrier and prevented the team from working together. But the new location was one big box, she says, and inside they could create whatever layout worked best for the team. Hill says the main objective was to create a working environment that allows collaboration and fosters the flow of creative energy. 

The size of the salon didn’t change that much—the new location is only 100 square feet smaller. But the utilization of the space creates a more efficient working environment, Hill says. She listened to a lot of feedback from clients and employees to understand what the biggest changes should be. Those responses guided the decision to make the shampoo bowls more private, make the drying area more relaxing and create separate rooms for makeup applications, microblading and waxing. Now, the salon is as stylish as the clients walking out the front door.

Waiting Area
Although the waiting area in the new location is smaller than the old location’s, Hill says the space is used better. The owners and a few staff members assisted a masonry crew with installing, something Hill refers to as a “good bonding experience.” Touché painted the bricks to achieve the desired vintage look. 

Arrojo Ambassadors
ViVo is an ARROJO Ambassador salon, offering the full line to 417-land customers. ViVo has also been able to host owner Nick Arrojo for three educational sessions.

Hair Stations
The new location still has 12 hair stations, but the owners wanted to bring back the modern urban architecture she’s seen in New York. They found stations with the wood and steel detailing she wanted from Minerva Beauty.

Styling Area
Hill says a major goal in the move was to make sure the salon was bright, open and collaborative. Touché accomplished this by keeping stations near each other and adding a window to allow more natural light to shine through.

Shampoo Stations
Lighting is everything in a salon, so Hill worked with Touché to plan overhead lights that would hit exactly where stylists needed without hurting clients’ eyes. For an added fun detail, the ceiling panels are ombre colored wood­—perfect for inspiring a new ‘do.

Hidden Challenges
Before moving in, plumbers and electricians cut the floor’s concrete slab to install all new electrical and plumbing lines. This allowed stylists to stand behind shampoo bowls and provide electric to each station through the floor. The ViVo team relied on customer feedback and their network salons to decide to invest in the overhaul.

Microblading Room
New to this location is the microblading room, a private room in the back of the salon for guests to relax while getting their eyebrows done. This room is also used for bridal parties, a side of the business that has picked up in recent months, Hill says. Parties can relax and enjoy refreshments while getting their hair and makeup done.

Artists’ Touch
Anyone who visited the old location knows the ViVo team’s appreciation for art. That love didn’t fade in the move, and now the salon’s walls are home to work by local abstract painter Elizabeth Chapman. Her work is for sale at the salon, and she visits regularly to swap out new pieces.

Drying Area
The hair dryers were moved to the back of the salon to create a quieter and calmer experience. Although not pictured, the custom-made, reclaimed wood coffee bar, made by Rex Krtek of Krtek Custom Cabinets in Bolivar, came over in the move and found its new home by the dryers.

Break Room and Color Bar
Hill calls this room the hub of the salon. Stylists meet back here to mix color and share inspiration, and when they’re not on the clock they are eating lunch or taking a break together. The 19 staff members use this multipurpose space to stay on top of their game and keep creative juices flowing.