Reinventing The White Blouse

Local style gurus share their tips on how to introduce white blouses back into your closet if you’ve been avoiding them, and how to style the ones you’ve had hanging in there for months.

Written by Rose Marthis | Styled by Dylan Lyle | Photos by Brandon Alms

Mar 2017

Time to refresh the white blouse.

Five pocket skinny light denim, $36 at Shaila's Women's Boutique; Free People Galloon Crop bralette in ivory, $38 at STAXX; White blouse, $139 at Town and County; Light denim shirt, $30 at Shaila's Women's Boutique

Do: Treat It as a Blank Canvas
"White is a staple because you can dress it up or keep it casual. You can wear it with brights or neutrals or the new spring pastels. It looks good with any color.”—Ashley Holt with Shaila’s Boutique

Do: Make It Work for Your Style
“It’s just such a clean and crisp look. You can dress it up with a pair of leather pants and red pumps or Chuck Taylor’s skinny jeans, and the look is classic and flawless.”—Dena Dill with Town & County


Aged denim, $245 at STAXX; Free People Galloon Crop bralette in ivory, $38 at STAXX; Rails Aly scallop fit blouse, $148 at STAXX; Love It Fur Vest, $30 at Shaila’s Women’s Boutique

Don’t: Mismatch Your Skin Color
“Make sure the color doesn’t wash you out. Choose an off-white if you need to make it more wearable for your skin tone.”’—Tara Hamilton with STAXX

Do: Have Fun with Accessories
“I love accessorizing them with necklaces. Nothing is better than an awesome choker with the off-the-shoulder tops. Or I love a great crochet vest with white underneath. They are lightweight and make a great layering look.”—A.H.


Three-button cropped denim in black, $36 at Shaila’s Women’s Boutique; Free People Galloon Crop bralette, $38 at STAXX; Equipment Femme white blouse, $198 at STAXX; Hayden black leather biker jacket, $48 at Shaila’s Women’s Boutique

Do: Add Some Edge
“I love layering the thick buckled belts on top, and I’m obsessed with wearing a bustier over it. I like to throw on a leather jacket to add a more masculine feel to a primarily feminine look.”—T.H.

Do: Take It Slow if You Need To
“Try it under a sweater, for starters. We are so used to the oversized tunics and styles in fashion right now it can be out of your box to wear something tailored again.  Try taking the sweater off and wearing it with skinny jeans, then with leggings—baby steps.”—D.D.


Stilt roll-up aged denim, $205 at STAXX; Free People Galloon Crop Bralette, $38 at STAXX; Entro Poolside Brunch Top, $30 at Shaila’s Women’s Boutique; cupcakes and cashmere Darsy jacket, $128 at STAXX

Don’t: Pick the Wrong Under Layer
“Even though it’s trending, choose your bra wisely. I love adding a black lace bra under a white shirt. However, keep in mind there’s a time and place (like girls’ night or date night). Stick to nude bras underneath if you need a more conservative look.”—T.H.

Do: Keep It Simple
“Use it as your first layer. If you feel exposed in white, then add a light vest or light jacket to it. Then as you get more comfortable, bring down to the basics. Simple isn’t a bad thing.”—A.H.


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