Morning Glory

Wake up each morning to a lovely styled coffee station, brought to you by local shops.

Styled by heather kane | Photo By Kevin O’Riley

Nov 2015


Brew your Own

Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, so why not enjoy crafting your own cup of locally made coffee, too? There is nothing to fear; it’s simpler than you would imagine. In fact, it’s the most basic, classic way to brew coffee. All you need are a few tools from local coffee shops and some flavorful beans. Not only will your friends be impressed, but your mornings will get a jump start.

Equipment French press, $25.99 at Heroes Coffee; 1953 ceramic pitcher, $6.50 at A Cricket in the House; 1906 Gents Tamper, $95 at Brick and Mortar Coffee; Preciso coffee grinder, $299 at Brick and Mortar Coffee; Chemex Brewer, $37 at Heroes Coffee

Local Beans Whole Bean Costa Rica Blend Coffee, $12.75 at Heroes Coffee; Brazil graham cracker, caramel and pecan whole bean coffee, $14 at Brick and Mortar Coffee; Costa Rica - La Candelilla Gesha 4-ounce whole bean coffee, $25 at Brick and Mortar Coffee


Take it to-Go

When setting up your coffee station, don’t ignore to-go mugs and travel flasks. They add just the right amount of edge to your display and will remind you to take a hot drink with you when you’re headed out the door to a football game or a fall drive. If you don’t have a Thermos to display, you should definitely invest in one. You will be thankful you did on brisk nights.

Travel Mugs Gentlemen’s Hardware The Adventure Begins travel mug, $18 at Five Pound Apparel; Gentlemen’s Hardware the Adventure Begins flask, $18 at Five Pound Apparel 


Go Handmade

Use handmade ceramics in your display to make it more visually interesting. They are one-of-a-kind, and they give the whole display a down-to-earth feel. Plus they mold to your hand perfectly and look like little works of art.

Mugs Earth & Threads espresso mugs, $10 each at Heroes Coffee; Sun Rays Consistency dish, $15 at Heroes Coffee; Rain Clouds prospects dish, $15 at Heroes Coffee; white handmade mugs by Steve Fielding, $15 each at Heroes Coffee; small handmade mugs by Steve Fielding, $8 at Heroes Coffee


Stay Organized

To help keep your coffee station organized, try using a wooden tray with compartments. You can stack your mugs and coffee neatly and move it easily from shelf to shelf as your coffee station grows. 

The Tray Divided tray made in Missouri with100 percent recycled wood, $28.95 at A Cricket in the House