Host a Fall Fondue Party

Invite your friends over for a fondue party with an autumn atmosphere and a s’mores theme. We show you how to do it.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Oct 2018

As this issue’s cover story implies, fall is the best time of year to camp under the stars and enjoy some melty, marshmallowy s’mores around a roaring campfire. Camping is not for everyone, but even those of us who prefer to stay inside crave the s’mores experience—in small, controlled doses. That’s where s’mores fondue comes in. It’s the perfect easy-peasy way to entertain your friends and feel the season at the same time. 

Chocolate fondue is super simple to make and can be created with just a few ingredients (throw together some chocolate, some cream and whatever else you like). It’s easy to search online for a recipe that you can customize for yourself, but we saved you the time and included a slightly spiked chocolate-hazelnut fondue recipe made with local ingredients. 

Besides the sweet melty goodness, what do you need for a night of dipping and chatting with your friends? A little fall decor and a bit of creativity should take care of it. Read on for our suggestions.

Get the Pumpkins
Everybody has a carving pumpkin on their porch, but you can do better than that when you’re putting together your fondue party decor. There are many places in southwest Missouri that carry beautiful varieties of heirloom pumpkins, and Fassnight Creek Farm in Springfield is one of our favorites. Find pumpkins in all shades, warty gourds and striped longneck squash that are just dripping with autumnal beauty.
Get the Goods: Fassnight Creek Farm, 1366 S. Fort Ave., Springfield, 417-866-5011

Perfect your Presentation
When it comes to serving, do your Instagram a favor and spring for a vintage fondue pot and serving tray that deliver a bit of retro flair to the table. To find the perfect ones for you, you’ll have to do some hunting at our local antiques shops and flea markets. Relics Antique Mall, which has 90,000 square feet of booths, is a great place to start. Peruse the aisles with your scavenging radar on full blast and see what you can find.
Get the Goods: Relics Antique Mall, 2015 W. Battlefield Road, Springfield, 417-885-0007

Go Gourmet
Here’s a very true fact: Absolutely nobody is going to complain if your chocolate fondue is accompanied by Honey Maid graham crackers and Jet-Puffed marshmallows. Those things are delicious. But there are also creative locals in town who can hook you up with some more gourmet options, like the handmade marshmallows from KatieMade that come in tons of interesting flavors. 
Get the Goods: B+B Boulangerie, 607 S. Pickwick Ave., Springfield, 417-315 -8602

Bring in Fresh Flowers
Add some freshness to the scene by adding some mums to your front door to welcome guests—or even inside your home. Right now, local nurseries are teeming with gloriously colored fall mums in sunny yellows, wine reds, vibrant purples and dreamy burnt oranges. Bonus: Your party decor doubles as a front-porch mood-lifter all season long.
Get the Goods: Wheeler Gardens, 1925 S. Bedford Ave., Springfield, 417-890-5733

Try our recipe for Chocolate-Hazelnut Fondue, or one of these other recipes!