Local Certified KonMari Consultant Wants Your Summer Staples to Spark Joy

Kathryn Kelly, southwest Missouri's only certified KonMari Consultant, gives tips for organizing summer supplies to maximize our favorite season.

By Jessie Rotton

Jun 2020

Kathryn Kelly and Marie Kondo
Photo courtesy KonMari Media, Inc.Kathryn Kelly and Marie Kondo

Start With A Vision

“Create a summer joy list, filled with things that you want to do,” says Kathryn Kelly. The non-material items on your list, including the people you want to see and experiences you want to have, will help “prioritize your summer supplies around the things that matter most to you.”

Bye-Bye, Clutter

“To keep from falling into the trap of buying more stuff to put your stuff into, you must decide what you want to keep in the first place.” Kelly suggests categorizing summer supplies, then discarding any expired, damaged or outgrown items. “Give yourself permission to part with anything that doesn’t align with your summer vision."


Make a list of items that need replaced or repaired, and stock back up. Perhaps you threw out expired products like sunscreen, or you need to replace your kiddos’ outgrown swim gear. Kelly warns against buying in bulk at this step. ”Let the store be your storage unit, not your home.”


Keep similar objects together, and store them in a way “so that you know how much you have on hand to avoid duplicate purchases.” Kelly also recommends making items easy to retrieve, and even easier to return to their proper place to avoid clutter in the future.