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Glam Up Your Home with Jewel Tones

Emerald. Sapphire. Ruby. Amethyst. These jewel tones are bold, magnetic and more versatile than you might think. Plus, where to purchase items in Springfield, MO.

Styled by Dylan Lyle

Mar 2019

Interior Decorating Spring Trends
Photo by Brandon AlmsInspired by hues from the East, contrasting or analogous tones pair with neutrals for a powerful style that won’t overwhelm. Purchase Photo

1. Mercana side table, $249 | 2. Kalalou bust, $79, both at 5908 Home | 3. Swirl Jade obelisk, $250 | 4. Atria vase, $60 | 5. Soho luxe bench, $965  | 6. Velvet pillow, $135 | 7. Multicolored pillow, $80 | 8. Phalaenopsis spray, $13, all from Obelisk Home

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