Take a Trip to Butler, MO

Butler, Missouri, offers rich history of the pioneers in Southwest Missouri with fun food and drink as well.

By Jo Everhart

Jan 2022

Poplar Heights farm museum
Photo Courtesy Bates County MuseumVisit Butler, Missouri to experience what life was like for pioneers of the town in the 1800's and learn about the towns rich history at the Bates County Museum.

1. Poplar Heights Farm 

(208 N Delaware St, Butler, 660-679-0764)

This living history farm and nature conservancy give insight into life during the 1890s. Not only can you explore the history of life in rural Missouri but you can also explore hiking trails through the farm’s fields, woods and creeks and check out their Native Prairie garden that includes a wildlife stand.

2. Bates County Museum

(802 Elks Dr, Butler, 660-679-0134)

The Bates County Museum works to both preserve and protect their town’s history. Butler’s historical society puts much more into this than your average county museum, with 11 exhibits, speakers, special tours, historical memorial events and reenactments. 

3. Luna Umbra Winery

(1 W Dakota St, Butler, 660-679-0103)

Luna Umbra Winery is a small rustic-urban winery that offers the finest Missouri wines from grapes grown across the state. They just opened their tasting room on the historic town square in Butler. You’ll find tons of richly flavored wines as well as an assortment of slushies and cheese pairing. 

4. Osage Pecan Company

(909 W Fort Scott Suite #1204, Butler660-679-6137)

Osage Pecan Company grows their pecans at the Pippin Family orchards in Georgia. But, despite the name, they do much more than just pecans. With loads of free samples you can try out pecans, almonds, cashews, dressings, sauces and jams while shopping for purses, jewelry, baskets and acetates. 

5. Koehn Bakery

(101 S Orange St, Butler, 660-679-6221) 

Koehn Bakery is one of Butler’s most popular destinations, with a wide variety of sweets, breads and meals made from scratch. We recommend trying their sausage roll and apple fritters and maybe bringing home a couple loaves of their homemade jalapeno and cinnamon bread.