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Kare Health and Wellness

The Face of Functional Medicine

Jan 2024

Kare Health & Wellness in Springfield, MO
Photo by Morgan Lea PhotographyKatelynne Nabors, Family Nurse Practitioner | Keri Sutton, Founder, Adult Nurse Practitioner | Jessi Jewell, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

At Kare Health & Wellness, we take a personalized approach to health care. We believe being healthy is not just being free of disease but rather living a life full of vitality. We value your story and experiences and provide hope for healing. We walk with you on your health journey offering personalized treatment options, education and support so that you are empowered in regaining your health.

We are proud to be one of the largest and most innovative Functional Medicine clinics in the United States. Keri Sutton, our founder, has spent the last decade learning from the top minds in Functional Medicine. Her relentless dedication has brought innovations in integrative medicine to 417-land from across the United States, Mexico, Germany and Malaysia.

We offer treatment of complex chronic diseases that few others treat such as Lyme Disease and cancer and also provide integrative treatment options for those with acute illnesses. It is rewarding to be a part of something bigger than any one person and to see our patients’ lives transformed. Finding ways to help every patient keeps us seeking innovative, alternative treatments we can offer right here in our community. We are proud to be the true face of Functional Medicine and the heartbeat of hope for our community.

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