How to Mix Patterns and Colors on Your Brunch Table

Liven up your weekend with a refreshing and swoon-worthy spring spread. Mixing colors and patterns gives your tablescape a laid-back, welcoming feel that is fancy enough for guests, yet simple to put together.

By Colin Shea Denniston

Mar 2021

(Above) 1. Lidia Salad Plate, $26 at Polish Pottery 2. Aqua Drinking Glass, $8 at House Counsel 3. Beatrix Dinner Plate, $32 at Polish Pottery 4. Cutting Board, $29 at House Counsel 5. Butterfly Hugs Dipping Bowl, $32 at Polish Pottery 6. Viktoria Salad Plate (on top), $28 at Polish Pottery; Stripe Rim Dinner Plate (underneath), $19 at House Counsel 7. Black and Gold Cheese Set, $46 at House Counsel 8. Bell Flower Dinner Plate (on top), $32 at Polish Pottery; Gypsy Jazz Dinner Plate (underneath), $48 at Polish Pottery

(Below) 1. Flowers with vase, $17 at Fleur Floral Studio 2. Teapot and tea cups set, $26.99 at Chabom Teas and Spices 3. Dessert plates, $15 at House Counsel

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