Table Talk: March 31–April 6

This week: how to tackle the Instagram-famous coffee trend, Pineapple Whip season is here, DIY meal kits plus more foodie news.

By Claire Porter

Mar 31 2020 at 10 a.m.

A latte in a glass topped with whipped coffee.
Photo by Claire PorterAdd a fluffy whipped coffee to the top of your at-home iced latte for a frothy way to get your caffeine fix Purchase Photo
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Some Fluff Stuff

Spending all this time indoors means we’ve been scrolling through our Instagram feeds practically nonstop, and we’ve been seeing a frothy little trend pop up: dalgona coffees. Dalgona, technically the name of a South Korean aerated, honeycomb-like toffee candy, refers to a drink consisting of iced milk topped with a coffee-infused meringue-like fluff. We’ve been obsessed with the looks and the taste, so we gave this couldn’t-be-easier recipe a whirl. We might not be able to go out to brunch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play barista at home! 

A Bright Spot

We’re desperate for a little good news these days, and like a hula-skirted superhero, Pineapple Whip is coming through. It’s now officially P-Whip season! The freezy pineapple-flavored treat is available Monday through Thursday from noon to 10 p.m. and weekends from noon to 10:30 p.m. at Pineapple Whip’s Campbell Avenue stand and its new Glenstone Avenue stand. PWhip is making a few modifications to ensure the safety of its customers and staff, like moving to cups only (no cones) and adding a card payment option. Even though we’re stuck inside, we can at least get a little taste of summer.  

Feel the Thirst

It’s a very good time to be thirsty these days, and despite the lockdown, local restaurants are bringing their A-game to your at-home beverage situation. 

• Set out the tip jar and play bartender at home. Team Taco is releasing its drink recipes for you to recreate your favorite taco-marg mashup from the comfort of the couch. 

• Ready to do the can-can? The 5% ABV in Mother’s Brewing Co.’s Ready Hard Seltzers will have you doing a little jig now that it’s available everywhere you normally buy Mother’s, so you can grab the fruity flavors on your next grocery run.

• If a frosty cup of Pineapple Whip got you in a tropical mood, you can pick up pre-bottled house cocktails and mocktails from The Golden Girl Rum Club. No bartending experience required—just add ice. 

• We’ve all been turning into Little House on the Prairie homesteaders these days (I see you, you new amateur bread bakers!), but maybe leave the lacto-fermented beverages to the pros. Luckily, Spring Branch Kombucha has just rolled out online ordering and home delivery of its canned ‘booch—no risk of botulism here!

• Use your noggin, or just drink some nog, because time is fleeting and what season are we in, anyway? Kingdom is releasing its coffee-infused eggnog, O Holy Nog, in 16-ounce bottles, which are also available for delivery. 

• Technically you could make cold brew at home, but, just like the “We have food at home” memes, it’s never as good as your fave coffee shop makes it. So, to save you the trouble, MudHouse is offering its cold brew concentrate in 24-ounce bottles. 

• Coffee Ethic has been bottling some of its signature drinks, like its chai latte, its spiced vanilla oat latte and its classic Remedy cold brew, so you can shamelessly crack open a cold one before 10 a.m. and feel no guilt. 

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Yes, Chef

Does your list of recently binged shows look something like this? Chopped, Salt Fat Acid Heat, The Great British Bake-Off, Chef’s Table, Top Chef…? You might have aspirations of a life on the line, and local restaurants are helping you turn your habit of watching the chef into being the chef. Regardless of your knife skills, a whole host of local eateries are now offering take-n-bake options as part of their carryout menus. Some are as easy as popping a platter of pasta in the oven, and others, like the meal kits at Progress or the baking boxes from European Cafe, let you actually cook something from start to finish—with foolproof instructions that take you from dishwasher to David Chang. 

Let’s Taco ‘bout Veg, Baby 


That was an admittedly awful title. But what’s not awful is a new vegan option showing up at Druff’s! The latest vegan dish comes in the form of vegan tacos with Jake’s Vegan Taco Meat along with black beans, corn salsa and an avocado dressing. 

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