Ways to Use Askinosie Chocolate's Cocoa Powder

From bakers to brewers and even beauticians, fans agree that Askinosie Cocoa Powder is versatile and in high demand. Give it as a gift or stockpile for you and your family.

By Rae Swan Snobl | Styled by Dylan Lyle

Dec 2019

Sprinkling Askinosie Chocolate Cocoa Powder on raspberries
Photo by Brandon AlmsGo beyond the brownie with these suggestions on how to use Askinosie's versatile cocoa powder, such as sprinkling it over fresh fruit. Purchase Photo

Eating an Askinosie chocolate bar is an otherworldly experience, but did you know the company also sells cocoa powder? The unsweetened, all natural, rich, dark powder is a byproduct of the cocoa butter–making process. “We don’t chemically treat it, so, it’s not the Dutch-processed, less flavorful cocoa powders most of us are familiar with,” says Chief Marketing Officer, Lawren Askinosie. “Ours is non-alkalized, authentic single origin—perfect for baking, dusting and drink-making. The possibilities are endless.”

Of course, the powder’s decadent flavor makes a tasty cup of hot cocoa, but it’s also packed with antioxidants, making it a popular choice for health and beauty regimes. Askinosie customers use it to make anything from lip balm to beer, in addition to its classic baking and cooking applications. (Askinosie chocolate cake? Yes, please!)

Here are five other ways to use Askinosie Cocoa Powder that don’t involve an oven:

1. Make a face mask or scrub to tighten skin. Recipes abound on Pinterest for whipping up this quick and chocolatey beauty treatment.
2. Sprinkle over your hair’s roots as a dry shampoo to cover gray hairs.
3. Add to grains when brewing beer for a rich dark beer.
4. Sprinkle over fruit for some bittersweet flavor.
5. Make a rich chocolate syrup for coffee or ice cream.

Askinosie Cocoa Powder


Askinosie Cocoa Powder comes in a small (130-gram) tin for $10.50 and a large (1-kilogram) tub for $56. Purchase yours on or at the Askinosie Chocolate factory storefront at 514 E. Commercial St., Springfield.