The Best Eyewear Trends of 2018

Decisions, decisions—picking out new frames is always a chore. To help make your choice a little bit easier, we rounded up these hot (and gender neutral!) trends.

By Heather Kane

Feb 2018

Photo by Brandon Alms

Trend 1: Tortoise Shell
This eyewear trend is still going strong and filtered from resort wear accessories off the runways in 2017. Think of this look as a classic style that is for everyone. Tortoise shell has a lovely natural quality that can soften the dark frame and is super chic with jet-black clothing. Try this material in several shapes and pick one that suits your face shape. Choose rounder frames if you have a square-shaped face or cat eye frames if your face is more slender.
Get the look: Jimmy Choo JC196, $540 at Vision Clinic 

Trend 2: Thin Metal Frames
These aren’t your grandparents’ glasses. Oh no, these are the coolest thing to hit eyewear this year. They come in silver, gold and rose gold and definitely have a retro vibe. If you like to take risks with your style, these are an obvious choice. The thin frames are surprisingly flattering and not harsh on the face. Another advantage is that this trend showcases most of the eye, meaning your eyelashes won’t touch the lens and you can avoid a doe-eyed appearance. 
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Trend 3: Leather Details
The devil is always in the details, and this definitely rings true in eyewear. Gold details have been really popular, but the newest thing to hit designer glasses is luxurious leather. The material comes quilted for added texture and boosts comfort when added to a frame’s earpieces.
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Trend 4: Translucent Nudes
Last year we saw a lot of clear frames, but this year those looks have added a tint of color. Designers are opting for pinks and purples mainly. To make matters more fun, these glasses often change hues depending on what colors are paired with it. Think of this trend as the new neutrals. Women have been the first to embrace this trend, but slowly men are beginning to take a chance on frames with pink hues, too.
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