Find the Perfect Glass of Sangria at The Pitch

Sip the Drink of the Month at The Pitch Pizza & Pub

By Katie Pollock Estes

May 2018

The Perfect Glass of Sangria at The Pitch
Photo by Vivian Wheeler

Let’s start by clearing the air: I am not a sangria connoisseur, largely because I love it so much that I’ll happily drink it even if it’s “bad sangria.” You’ve had bad sangria, right? Way too sweet. So sweet that it hardly tastes like anything anymore other than sugary alcohol. I’ll drink that, and I’m not ashamed. That’s poolside, too-much-sunshine sangria, and it has its place. But when I’m dining out, I want something better than that. I want quality ingredients. I want less sweetness. I want something that surprises me. And I get that when I order a glass of the sangria at The Pitch Pizza & Pub (2924 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, thepitchpizza.com). The flavors change with each new batch, but I’ve never tasted one I didn’t think was absolutely stellar. The red sangria with hints of cinnamon and orange was a welcome treat last winter. Even better was the version I tried this spring, which, the server warned, “has a lot of brandy in it.” I can take it! For a glass of sangria that awakens the senses and perfectly complements a great slice of pizza, The Pitch wins for me every time.