How to Wear and Style Jumpsuits

Whether you’re heading to the office or the beach, rompers and jumpsuits are the perfect way to stay cool and make a statement this summer. Local style experts share their tips on how to make this one-piece trend work, wherever you’re going.

By Morgan Doyle

Aug 2020

Young woman wearing a red jumpsuit and a straw hat
Photo courtesy ShutterstockJumpsuits and rompers are back and making their way from beach scene to formal event. Dress this look up or down with a few easy tips and tricks.

DO: Try before you buy

“The big thing about rompers is they don’t always run the same, so it’s definitely something you need to try on and find one that fits your body type. Women’s builds vary so much, you definitely have to find a romper that checks all the boxes. So it’s definitely most important to try, try, try a romper on.”—Sarah Schaeffer, The Uptown Boutique

DON’T: Worry about putting it all together

“It’s like a one-piece outfit. You don’t have to think about what you’re putting on top or on bottom, you don’t have to fuss with anything keeping tucked or staying down.”—Julie Schuchmann, Harem & Co

DO: Find one with a gathered cuff

“We’re seeing a lot of jogger-leg jumpsuits—so the gathered hem or the gathered cuff. Those are nice because with a cuff like that, you don’t have to worry about the length being too long where you can only wear heels. You could wear heels or you could wear flats.”—J.S.

DON’T: Forget the shoes

“With either a romper or jumpsuit you could do a smoking flat, dressier loafer or you could put on an evening-wear heel. Throwing on sandals, slides or sneakers would dress it down.”—J.S.

DO: Add sneakers

“A big trend right now [...] is a white sneaker. Throwing a white sneaker with a romper I think is super cute, casual and totally do-able.”—S.S.

DON’T: Add booties

“I feel like the shoe is the most important accessory when it comes to rompers and jumpsuits. Any boot or bootie is off the table because if you’re wearing a romper and a bootie, it’s going to cut you at the ankle and make you look a little bit shorter.”—S.S.

DO: Consider the event

“Black and metallic and solid colors would be more appropriate for special occasions like a formal evening wedding or Christmas party. A pattern would be more a daytime and maybe [an] outdoor look.”—Anette Tuxen, Fashion House

DO: Choose solid colors

“I prefer solids just in general because I feel like you have a little bit more versatility with them.”—S.S.

DO: Add a jacket

“You can throw a denim jacket on with it just for running around day-time, or really dress it up with a blazer over it and more of an evening shoe.”—J.S.

DONT: Get stuck on only dresses for formal events

“A jumpsuit could take you to a more formal event, like in place of a long dress. A romper could certainly stand in as a cocktail dress.”—J.S.

DON’T: Only add jewelry

“Jewelry is always good, but a long scarf would be beautiful and add interest to the outfit, since a jumpsuit is usually the same fabric top and bottom.”—A.T.

DO: Layer underneath

“Throw a white t-shirt on underneath your romper or jumpsuit if it’s a tank-style and it looks more layered… and you have more coverage.”—J.S.

DO: Be confident

“I think women that wear jumpsuits make a powerful statement. They are self-confident and not shy to show off their sense of fashion and who they are as a woman.”—A.T.