July Planting for a Fall Harvest

The planting season doesn’t end when the summer heat dies down. There are things you can plant right now for a delicious fall harvest, and some of them are even hardy in the cold.

By Lucy Caile

Jul 2021

Photo courtesy ShutterstockBeets make for the perfect fall harvest in just 55-70 days.

What to plant: Carrots

Days from planting to harvest: 60 to 80

How to use it: Because they’re the ultimate snack veggie, you could just munch on your carrot harvest. Or you can make a tasty slaw with some warm spices. Try adding pumpkin seeds and curry powder to mix it up. They taste great together.

What to plant: Beets

Days from planting to harvest: 55 to 70

How to use it: You gotta roast these guys! When they are perfectly roasty, toss them with goat cheese and fresh herbs for a decadent side dish.

What to plant: Winter Squash

Days from planting to harvest: 60 to 110

How to use it: Get your hands on some acorn squash. If you slice them in half and de-seed them, you can roast them in the oven and then stuff with a rice and sausage mixture.

What to plant: Kale

Days from planting to harvest: 60

How to use it: If you don’t like kale, you might not be preparing it right. Be sure to rub olive oil into the leaves before using them raw in a salad. The result is so much more tender and delicious.

Find Seeds

You can find seed packets at most local greenhouses and plant nurseries, as well as at local hardware and garden stores. Here are three shops where you can get started, all based in 417-land.