A Modern Farmhouse in Winona, MO

Beverly Moore with Interiors By Design worked with a Winona couple to create a modern farmhouse space that suits everyone in the family.

By Rose Marthis

Jan 2019

rustic and modern living room
Photos By Morrell FlowersWhen the Fears were touring homes by their builder, Reed Construction, they toured his personal home and saw the dark ceiling beams. Those match the dark wall art pallets that Moore did.
modern kitchen with an island
Photos By Morrell FlowersThe kitchen is a popular gathering spot for the family. The Fears family is big and requires a lot of cooking, so the couple put in two ovens. BethAnne picked a lot of elements for both style and function. “We wanted something a little more modern, which is why I wanted exposed stainless steel vent hoods,” she says. “We chose glass subway tile backsplash to be easy to clean and darker to not show dirt.” The kitchen also features big pullout drawers to keep appliances off the counters and reduce clutter.
long kitchen table in farmhouse
Photos By Morrell FlowersA must-have for the dining room was a long table for family meals and gatherings. BethAnne wanted to be sure the dining chairs were comfortable, so Moore found cloth chairs that are a darker color for function. Moore also created some custom elements for the room, including the three black pendant lights and the wall art. She found the cow-shaped Old Farmers’ sign at an antique mall and her husband, Brock Moore, built the wooden frame to go around it.
cow picture in a bedroom
Photos By Morrell FlowersMoore got a blank slate for this guest room. “I like the look of the frame bed and we wanted it to flow with our farmhouse theme,” BethAnne says. “We wanted it to be cozy and wanted a lot of good lighting.” The cow art is a theme throughout, as the couple runs a cattle farm.
wooden headboard in a farmhouse
Photos By Morrell Flowers

The goal for BethAnne and Chance Fears was to have their new home completely move-in ready before they set foot through the door of the Winona farmhouse. To accomplish that goal, they brought in Beverly Moore of Interiors by Design and got to work. “She came in and looked at the spaces that [weren’t] done yet and took measurements and got a feel for the style,” BethAnne says. Moore started working on finding furniture and decor to fit the modern farmhouse look the Fears wanted. 

The biggest request from BethAnne was a lot of seating and living space. “We have a lot of family events here,” she says. “Everyone comes here for the holidays, birthday parties… and we have two children. We want a place for their friends and a big gathering place.” So the Fears and Moore placed a lot of focus on the dining and living areas, as well as the basement, which is BethAnne’s favorite spot in the house. The basement has a play area for the kids and an entertainment area for adults, so the Fears family spends a lot of time there. 

Chance also wanted usable spaces that fit their family’s lifestyle. “We wanted our main level to be where everything takes place,” he says. That houses the living room, kitchen and dining room. “The downstairs is more of an event, kid-friendly area,” he says. “And the upstairs is the adult setting. That’s what we were going for.” After establishing the spaces and what they would be used for, BethAnne set Moore on “go” and let her do her thing, she says. 

Moore worked with the Fears to find what they did and didn’t like, and when she couldn’t find just the right piece, she made it. “She helped me figure out the yes and no,” BethAnne says. “She was intuitive with my style.” The finished product is a home with cozy details and personal touches to create the setting for Fears family gatherings.

bedroom in a farmhouse
living room and dining room in a farmhouse
Photos By Morrell Flowers


Builder: Reed Construction of Van Buren, MO 
Designer: Interiors by Design with Beverly and Brock Moore
Contractor(s): Reed Construction; Kile Construction of Winona, MO; Osborne Construction of Winona, MO
Electrical Work: L&S Electric of Van Buren, MO
Plumbing: Martin Plumbing of Winona, MO 
Cabinets: Ricks Woodworking of Poplar Bluff, MO 
Countertops: Busenbark Granite of Farmington, MO
Doors/Windows: Gamblin Lumber Co of Poplar Bluff, MO
Carpet: Busenbark Flooring of Farmington, MO 
Stone/Tile: The Tile Shop of St. Louis, MO; stone from Set in Stone of Poplar Bluff, MO
Wood Floors: Set in Stone of Poplar Bluff, MO (Hallmark wood flooring)
Custom Woodwork: Molding by Travis Long with Reed Construction; custom wood bed, dining room decor, pallet work, dining room chandelier and coffee table all by Brock Moore of Interiors by Design
Beams/Restored Wood Products: Coffered ceilings by Reed Construction
Painters/Decorative Paint Contractor: Paint by Reed Construction 
Appliances: Metro Appliances of Springfield, MO 
Furniture: Beverly Moore of Interiors by Design  
Landscaping: Kile Construction with Osborne Construction