Spotlighting Medical Professionals in the Ozarks

These leaders serve the 417-land community with generosity and brilliance.

Jun 2021

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These leaders serve the 417-land community with generosity and brilliance. They’ve earned prestigious degrees, made groundbreaking achievements and have chosen—out of anywhere in the world—to practice right here in the Ozarks.

417 Sports Medicine and Orthopedics

Dr. Eric Gifford
Photo courtesy 417 Sports Medicine and OrthopedicsDr. Eric Gifford

Dr. Eric Gifford

417 Sports Medicine and Orthopedics (330 W. Farm Rd. 182 Suite F, Springfield, 417-771-3147) strives to get you back in the game. Even when the game is as simple as walking pain free. Whether you are a high level athlete, a weekend warrior or a maturing adult with osteoarthritis, 417 Sports Medicine and Orthopedics has minimally invasive and innovative treatments to get you healthy as soon as possible.

Dr. Eric Gifford is a Board Certified, Fellowship trained Sports Medicine and Orthopedics physician. After spending six years with a large hospital in Springfield, Dr. Gifford wanted more. Always an innovator, Dr. Gifford now has the freedom to offer more personalized and affordable musculoskeletal care options for those with or without insurance, including regenerative treatment options.

417 Sports Medicine and Orthopedics strives to get you taken care of quickly and provides immediate answers. Rather than being on hold and talking to a call center, you will talk directly to the staff in the clinic to get things handled quickly and appropriately. They provide medical care like it should be. Receiving care is easy: simply call for an appointment! They also see walk-in appointments daily. You’ll get a thorough personalized evaluation and treatment plan, explained clearly and in a down to earth manner. Hurt Today? Seen Today at 417 Sports Medicine and Orthopedics.

Branson Nephrology

John Martinez, MD; Dwight Zabel, MD; Michael Selby, MD; Lavonne Burrows, CNS; Robert Muller, NP-C (not pictured: Johnna Manna, PA-C)
Photo courtesy Branson NephrologyJohn Martinez, MD; Dwight Zabel, MD; Michael Selby, MD; Lavonne Burrows, CNS; Robert Muller, NP-C (not pictured: Johnna Manna, PA-C)

Kidney disease is not simply their profession... it is their passion. Branson Nephrology’s (101 Skaggs Rd. #302, Branson, 417-334-8288) kidney specialists have been recognized in past years as 417 Top Doctors. They pride themselves on delivering personalized care, specific for each individual patient. They listen to their patients, so they can create unique plans to prolong kidney function and help patients enjoy an active and happy lifestyle.

Patients trust Branson Nephrology to help them choose the therapies that provide a hopeful future. Their team believes kidney therapies are LIFE options that allow their patients to continue living and doing what is most important to them. Their patient-centered kidney disease education program provides nutritional support, therapy education and transplant referral, to keep patients’ kidneys working as long as possible.

They have many dialysis options, including incenter hemodialysis, home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis at their three hometown, friendly dialysis facilities: Branson Dialysis, Branson West Kidney Center and Harrison Dialysis. Their kidney specialists see patients weekly.

Branson Nephrology knows that kidney disease and kidney failure are scary, but education is the key to keeping kidneys healthy longer. Their team of doctors, nurses, dietitians and social workers are dedicated to helping patients live their best kidney life.

Burrell Behavioral Health

Dr. Jeffrey Jenkins
Photo courtesy Burrell Behavioral HealthDr. Jeffrey Jenkins

Dr. Jeffrey Jenkins

Dr. Jeffrey Jenkins is a psychiatrist and neurology specialist focused on bettering the lives of those in his community, providing individualized psychiatric care for patients as young as 12 years old. Before joining Burrell Behavioral Health (1300 E. Bradford Pkwy Bldg. A, Springfield, 417-761-5000), Dr. Jenkins spent eight years leading geropsychiatric inpatient units across the Ozarks. He has extensive experience treating Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Dr. Jenkins’s career has been spent working with those with chronic, severe forms of mental illness such as schizophrenia.

He studied at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, with residencies at MU and the University of Utah School of Medicine. Since then, he’s been honored as a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Jenkins’ practice is rooted in listening to, communicating with and educating his patients.

Burrrell and Dr. Jenkins now offer a groundbreaking form of treatment for people living with major depressive disorder. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a safe, well-tolerated alternative for depression that has proven resistant to therapy and medication. TMS stimulates the brain through non-invasive electromagnetic fields, similar to those produced by an MRI machine. To connect with Burrell and Dr. Jenkins with questions about TMS therapy, contact

Central Care Cancer Center

Dr. Leo Shunyakov
Photo courtesy Central Care Cancer CenterDr. Leo Shunyakov

Central Care Cancer Center
at the Carrie J. Babb Cancer Center (1501 N. Oakland Ave., Bolivar, 417-326-7200) has proudly served the Bolivar community for 16 years. Their oncology team, led by Medical Oncologist Leo Shunyakov, provides personalized cancer care, all under one roof, while using state-of-the-art technology, resulting in quality care for patients. Dr. Leo, along with an experienced staff, provide chemotherapy/immunotherapy, radiation therapy, hematology and access to clinical trials as well as second opinions and supportive services, including individualized financial counseling.

Congratulations to Radiation Oncologist Dr. Garry Brown! After over ten years of serving patients and the community, Dr. Brown retired in December 2020.

Central Care—expert cancer care that is close to home.

Charles E. Woodall, III MD, MSC, FACS

Charles E. Woodall, III MD, MSC, FACS
Photo courtesy CoxHealthCharles E. Woodall, III MD, MSC, FACS

Dr. Woodall
(1001 E. Primrose St., Springfield, 417-875-3525) is helping to rewrite the future of pancreatic cancer with CoxHealth. Statistically speaking, pancreatic cancer is the eleventh most commonly diagnosed cancer. For perspective, it is expected that 166 Americans will be diagnosed with it every day in 2021. Those are our family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues—people we care about and who we can’t imagine having to struggle through such a devastating diagnosis.

Dr. Woodall helps bring hope to the pancreatic cancer community here in 417-land.

He is the only fellowship-trained surgical oncologist to treat the disease locally. The importance of receiving specialized treatment from a physician with experience can’t be stressed enough, and Dr. Woodall provides that with the added convenience of being close to home at CoxHealth. In fact, Dr. Woodall is passionate about providing expert treatment here in Springfield. He says, “I returned to the Ozarks so patients wouldn’t have to travel at a time that is already difficult and stressful enough.”

Survival rates for pancreas cancer are improving. Since 2014, the five-year survival rate has been increasing due to improved treatment protocols and surgery techniques like the ones Dr. Woodall practices for patients here in 417-land.

Eustasis Psychiatric & Addiction Health

Eustasis Psychiatric & Addiction Health
Photo courtesy Eustasis Psychiatric & Addiction HealthJoann McGuire, Psyd; Alok Jain, MD-Psychiatrist; Breanna Jain, CEO, DNP, PMHNP-BC, CARN-AP; Amy Baremore, PMHNP-BC; Ashley Whitt, RN; Danielle Fowers, PMHNP-BC; Kelly Petree, PMHNP-BC; Miranda Moore, COO; Megan Korsi, Lab Coordinator; Ashley Tracy, VP Contracts; Lee-Amy Choate, AGNP, PMHNP; Stephanie Wells, DNP, FNP-BC; Nicholas Perryman, PMHNP-BC; Jeff Alderman, LPC; Kevin Lane, LPC; Charles Eldridge, PMHNP

Don’t wait to get treatment. Eustasis Psychiatric & Addiction Health (3600 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-322-6622) knows that your emotional issues are important, and so are the symptoms.

You manage so many things in your life. You don’t have to manage your emotional health on your own. The experts at Eustasis have seen what happens in patients’ lives when they go without care. When you put off your emotional needs, it can cause medical issues, family trouble and problems at work and school. Eustasis wants to help and believes in what they practice.

Their greatest innovation is providing walk-in psychiatry for 417-landers. They provide same-day service for all patients. This immediate access to help is the most important thing, and essential to those who cannot wait to be seen and need immediate assistance for debilitating issues.

Eustasis specializes in psychiatry, addiction and ADHD, and are certified in rTMS and esketamine. They have board certified providers within their specialty. This is important, because it means that you’re receiving a tested seal of excellence.

What is the experience like when you walk into Eustasis’s doors? You can expect to come into a modern and elegant facility where you’ll be comfortable instead of feeling stigmatized for addressing your mental health.

You can also count on being seen by one of their board certified providers. Dr. Alok Jain is a founder of Eustasis and frequently recognized as a 417 Top Doctor. Dr. Alisha Breánna Jain is also a founder and has been awarded by the Springfield Business Journal as one of their 20 Most Influential Women. Plus, Eustasis recently expanded their team to include renowned psychiatrist Dr. Steven Kory. They are supported by a highly trained team of psychiatric NPs and psychology providers.

Who can benefit from Eustasis’s services? Everyone. That includes pediatric, adult, peripartum and geriatric patients who are struggling with any kind of emotional or behavioral issue in their life. This may include ADHD, mood disorders, OCD, anxiety, psychosis, PTSD, insomnia, alcohol or opioid dependence, dementia, eating disorders and more.

You don’t have to manage this on your own anymore. Call or walk in to Eustasis Psychiatric & Addiction Health today.

Innovative Dental

Taylor Jordan, DDS; Seth Gray, DDS; Megan Westrich, DDS; Grant Olson, DDS
Photo courtesy Innovative DentalTaylor Jordan, DDS; Seth Gray, DDS; Megan Westrich, DDS; Grant Olson, DDS

Innovative Dental
(6401 Innovation Ave., Springfield, 417-889-4746) is passionate about giving people brighter, healthier smiles through cutting edge technology and innovative techniques. The team of doctors has grown to include four general dentists who offer a wide array of services ranging from traditional braces and Invisalign to implants and full arch restoration. The team at Innovative Dental is passionate about providing advanced dental care as well as routine cleanings and exams. A passion for technology is evident in every aspect of the practice, and allows the team to offer the highest quality patient care.

As the only Diamond top one percent provider in the area for Accelerated Invisalign, they are able to complete treatments up to 70 percent faster. Full arch restorations can be completed in just a few visits, and many cosmetic treatments can be completed in one day.

Innovative Dental takes pride in recreating the patient experience to reduce anxiety and transform the way patients feel about visiting the dentist. The doctors at Innovative Dental strive to create long-lasting relationships with their patients. No matter your dental concerns, they will make you feel confident in your choice for dental care. Innovative Dental has a warm and welcoming environment, where every patient is valued and appreciated. Contact Innovative Dental today to schedule your appointment today!

iTooth Family Dentistry

Dr. Lance Robbins
Photo courtesy iTooth Family DentistryDr. Lance Robbins

At iTooth Family Dentistry (3211 E. Battlefield Rd. #100, Springfield, 417-883-8515), they take the word ‘family’ in their name seriously.

Dr. Lance Robbins and the team at iTooth Family Dentistry understand that most people would rather be almost anywhere instead of the dentist’s office, and so people often avoid getting the dental care they need. That’s why from the moment you walk into iTooth Family Dentistry and relax by the fireplace until the time you walk out with a warm cookie, you’re always treated like family.

iTooth Family Dentistry isn’t just about comfort and pampering, though. Their desire is to make sure you get the oral care you need now to avoid bigger health problems later. The team at iTooth Family Dentistry knows that many dentists offer the latest in dental treatment and service. iTooth offers all of that and more. By using state of the art dental technology and reviewing your entire medical history, they provide a complete oral health and gum checkup. All of this results in cleaner, whiter teeth, painless treatment, same day crowns and much more.

From routine checkups to implants to the latest in cosmetic dentistry, the professionals at iTooth Family Dentistry’s desire is to put a smile on every face. Their slogan is, “iTooth Family Dentistry: your health, your smile... our commitment.”

Dr. John Trombold

Dr. John Trombold
Photo courtesy CoxHealthDr. John Trombold

John Trombold at CoxHealth Ferrell-Duncan Clinic (1001 E. Primrose St., Springfield, 417-875-3276) is a Colorectal Surgeon with both the American College of Surgeons and the American Society of Colorectal Surgeons. His biggest honor in practicing colon and rectal surgery is being trusted to help patients and their families through what is sometimes the biggest challenge of their lives and seeing it through until they are better.

Dr. Trombold assures 417-landers that there is nothing to be embarrassed about regarding their health. He offers honest and thorough colorectal surgery evaluations. The sooner patients get evaluated, the sooner they realize that there is nothing to fear, and the sooner they feel better!

Kienstra Facial Plastic Surgery

Matthew A. Kienstra, MD, FACS
Photo couresy Kienstra Facial Plastic SurgeryMatthew A. Kienstra, MD, FACS

Matthew A. Kienstra, MD, FACS

With hours of video calls every day and that ever- present rectangle in the corner showing people what they look like during meetings, many are suffering from the “Zoom Effect.” As a result, an unprecedented number of people are considering facial rejuvenation. With one of the highest trained doctors in the industry right here in Springfield, you can take back your confidence and put your best face forward, even over video calls.

Facial plastic surgeon Matthew A. Kienstra, MD, FACS, of Kienstra Facial Plastic Surgery (1965 S. Fremont Ave. #120, Springfield, 417-887-3223) has dedicated nearly 20 years to providing beautifully natural, refined facial results with both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. He and his team have a combined total of more than 140 years of aesthetic experience and specialize exclusively in the face. It’s this renowned expertise and Dr. Kienstra’s unique ability to put his patients at ease that have prompted physicians and surgeons to repeatedly recognize him as one of the area’s top facial plastic surgeons.

Whether you are seeking rhinoplasty or wish to reverse the signs of aging with other rejuvenation procedures—such as facelifts, eyelid surgery, brow lifts, laser skin resurfacing, Botox and fillers—Dr. Kienstra and his team offer a wide range of solutions to ensure your confidence shines through the screen.

Mercy C.H. “CHUB” O’Reilly Cancer Center

Stock photo of doctor talking to patient
Photo courtesy ShutterstockCaring for cancer patients is not just a career—it’s a calling for Mercy’s oncology team.

For Mercy’s oncology team at Mercy C.H. “CHUB” O’Reilly Cancer Center (2055 S. Fremont Ave., Springfield, 417-820-2588), caring for cancer patients is not just a career—it’s a calling. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, Mercy is ready to help you move forward with the best possible treatment and support. They understand the challenges people with cancer experience and have designed their services to support you and your loved ones through every stage.

Mercy has hundreds of adult and pediatric cancer specialists who care for almost every kind of cancer. These nationally known experts engage in clinical research to bring you cutting-edge cancer treatments, delivered with the most innovative technologies available.
Mercy asks women to go online to schedule a mammogram at “A few minutes spent getting a mammogram could save your life.”

Mercy Clinic Ear, Nose & Throat

Erich Mertensmeyer, DO; Aaron Morrison, MD; Mark Van Ess, DO; Benjamin Hodnett, MD; A. Daniel Pinheiro, MD
Photo courtesy Mercy Clinic Ear, Nose & ThroatErich Mertensmeyer, DO; Aaron Morrison, MD; Mark Van Ess, DO; Benjamin Hodnett, MD; A. Daniel Pinheiro, MD

Mercy Clinic Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery Center
(1229 E. Seminole St. Suite 520, Springfield, 417-820-5750) is Springfield’s largest medical office specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat problems. Mercy’s ENT clinic has provided many years of exemplary patient care, consultation and treatment to their patients.

Their team is comprised of board-certified physicians, NP/PAs, audiologists and speech language pathologists. Together they cover all areas in this diverse specialty and bring 118 years of practice experience.

It’s common for outdoor lovers in 417-land to suffer from environmental allergies. That’s why these specialists offer testing and desensitization with traditional allergy shots and sublingual drops.

Other areas of treatments offered include videostroboscopy to help in the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders. These physicians are well-versed in all of the latest techniques for removal of throat cancers, including transoral robotic surgery. They also offer the most advanced microvascular reconstruction techniques to restore appearance and function for those affected by trauma or cancer. Treatment of hearing and balance problems is also covered by this specialty, whether it’s through microscopic ear surgery or surgically implantable hearing devices. They also treat children and infants, understanding that these patients have special problems and require specialized care.

Mercy Eye Specialists

Garet Jones, Whitney Smith, Dr. Shachar Tauber, Heather Sayre, Michelle Begey
Photo courtesy Mercy HospitalGaret Jones, Whitney Smith, Dr. Shachar Tauber, Heather Sayre, Michelle Begey

Dr. Shachar Tauber

Since 1995, Dr. Shachar Tauber with Mercy Eye Specialists (1229 E. Seminole Street, Suite 420, Springfield, 417-820-9328) has completed more than 10,000 laser vision correction procedures. He attributes those large numbers to the excellent service and VIP treatment that he has become well known for.

In fact, Dr. Tauber and the Mercy Eye Specialists are at the forefront of using laser technology to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Their staff exceeds FDA certification requirements, while providing a first-class patient experience. Dr. Tauber is ranked in the top one percent of refractive surgeons in the U.S. It is an honor that he has chosen to serve patients here in 417 land.

Dr. Tauber uses the most innovative and cutting edge technology when performing laser vision correction. One example is the iDesign Refractive studio, which gives him the ability to deliver a truly personalized procedure designed specifically for each patient. The system takes over 1,200 measurements of the eye and maps each data point to create a custom procedure only three seconds! The laser then corrects the patient’s vision to their exact needs, and results are immediate!

Get out those glasses and contacts, and see the world with a whole new view! Call today for a free consultation.

Mercy Plastic Surgery

Dr. Andrew Kochevar
Photo courtesy Mercy Plastic SurgeryDr. Andrew Kochevar

Dr. Andrew Kochevar, Mercy Plastic Surgery

1229 E. Seminole Suite 340, Springfield, 417-820-9330
Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Kochevar serves as an expert in more than standard cosmetic procedures, and he is a perfectionist. When he worked as an aerospace and mechanical engineer, he developed solutions to complicated aircraft maintenance problems. He is meticulous in his problem-solving abilities. When it comes to something as important as plastic surgery, Dr. Kochevar is even more passionate about perfection. With his vast surgical experience as a physician, Dr. Kochevar specializes in complex wounds, skin cancer, trauma reconstruction and microvascular surgery. Dr. Kochevar always provides exceptional care to all of his patients; they are his top priority!

Raghu Nandan, MD, MPH
Photo courtesy Mercy Plastic SurgeryRaghu Nandan, MD, MPH

Raghu Nandan, MD, MPH, Mercy Plastic Surgery

Dr. Raghu Nandan’s goal is to provide the same support and care to his patients as he would to his own family members. While there is a lot of information that a patient can find online, everyone is unique and deserves specialized care. That’s why Dr. Nandan takes the time to advise all patients and ensure that all of their ongoing health care–related questions are answered. Patients can expect the highest levels of compassionate care when they visit Dr. Nandan at Mercy Plastic Surgery for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, from their first consultation, through surgery, into post-surgical care and beyond.

Rosellen Meystrik, MD, MBA, FACS
Photo courtesy Mercy Plastic SurgeryRosellen Meystrik, MD, MBA, FACS

Rosellen Meystrik, MD, MBA, FACS, Mercy Plastic Surgery

Rosellen Meystrik, MD, MBA, FACS, has practiced plastic surgery for 30 years. Along the way, she’s been a wife, mother and now grandmother; she earned her MBA, volunteered on many boards and served on Greene County’s SWAT team. She accomplished all of this while having a thriving medical practice! She has been named a 417 Top Doctor for many years, in 2016 was awarded Health Care Champion Top Doctor, and in 2018 was the first Mercy physician to receive the Mercy Charism Award. Ultimately, Dr. Meystrik keeps the needs of her patients at the center of everything she does.

Ozarks Healthcare

Dr. Hussain Ibrahim, MD
Photo courtesy Ozarks HealthcareDr. Hussain Ibrahim, MD

Dr. Hussain Ibrahim, MD

Hussain Ibrahim, MD, is a Board-Certified Interventional Cardiologist and member of the multi-disciplinary Ozarks Healthcare (OZH)
Medical Group in West Plains (1115 Alaska St., Suite 114, West Plains, 417-257-5950). Interventional cardiologists rank among the world’s foremost authorities on cardiovascular disease and its treatment. An interventional cardiologist is a cardiologist with additional education and training in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease and congenital (present at birth) and structural heart conditions through catheter- based procedures, such as angioplasty and stenting.

Dr. Ibrahim treats acute heart attack patients, all complex coronary artery disease patients and those requiring complex stenting procedures, such as those requiring the use of a special pump called an Impella pump. Some of the areas he specializes in are Balloon Angioplasty, Stent Placement, Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), Thrombectomy (Clot Removal) and Atherectomy (Plaque Removal).

Currently, the spectrum of patients who seek the treatment of a cardiologist has expanded significantly. Dr. Ibrahim sees patients as early as in their thirties who are experiencing a heart attack or acute cardiac episode. This is unfortunately due to lifestyle choices such as poor diet and lack of exercise. Dr. Ibrahim also sees many older patients in their seventies through nineties.

Due to medical advances and new therapies, many patients live longer, and as a result, the chance of them having heart disease increases. Dr. Ibrahim’s advice for patients is that prevention is better than any treatment that he can give. He also reminds us that if you demonstrate symptoms like severe chest discomfort that doesn’t go away, sweating or paingoing to jaw and arms, you should come to the hospital straight away.

Dr. Ibrahim has helped usher in new technologies and therapies based on his experience and specialized training. He performs atherectomies and thrombectomies and is consulting with Ozarks Healthcare to build a new Cath Lab that will implement
new procedures.

Dr. Ibrahim practices at Ozarks Healthcare Heart and Lung Center, located at 1115 Alaska Ave., Suite 114, in the OZH Doctor’s Pavilion, West Plains. He sees patients Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please call 417-257-5950 for more information or to make an appointment.

Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute

Chad Morgan MD, Michael Workman MD, Ted Lennard MD, Angela Spurgeon DO Back row: Jeffrey Woodward MD, Mayur Jayarao MD, Michael Mumert MD, Mark Crabtree MD, Edwin Cunningham MD, Charles Mace MD Back row: Robert Strang MD, Salim Rahman MD
Photo courtesy Springfield Neurological and Spine InstituteChad Morgan MD, Michael Workman MD, Ted Lennard MD, Angela Spurgeon DO Back row: Jeffrey Woodward MD, Mayur Jayarao MD, Michael Mumert MD, Mark Crabtree MD, Edwin Cunningham MD, Charles Mace MD Back row: Robert Strang MD, Salim Rahman MD

Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute
(SNSI) at CoxHealth (3801 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-885-3888) specializes in the treatment of brain, spinal and peripheral nerve disorders. They are committed to providing exceptional care, and their goal is to enhance the quality of life of their patients. Their team is trained in the latest surgical and non-surgical treatments of brain and spine disorders. SNSI offers a unique combination of experience, expertise and compassion so that patients can have confidence in the care they receive.

Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute is located in the Jared Neuroscience Center (JNC) at CoxHealth. The Jared Neuroscience Center is a state-of-the-art facility offering a multidisciplinary approach to treatment at the highest level of care for patients. Board certified and fellowship trained neurosurgeons, physiatrists and an interventional neuro-radiologist are teaming up with neurology, neuropsychology and the JNC Imaging Center, together in a facility that’s uniquely designed for collaborative care.

With more than 240 years of combined experience, SNSI is one of the Midwest region’s top neurosurgical practices, servicing multiple locations in Missouri and Arkansas. Their largest location is in Springfield, with outlying clinics in Branson, Carthage, Monett, Rolla, Harrison and Mountain Home.

Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute at CoxHealth is committed to their mission to improve the health of the communities
they serve. To schedule an appointment, call 417-885-3888 or visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook are ready and and Twitter: @CoxHealthSNSI. Don’t put your health on hold. They are ready and here for you.

The Center for Plastic Surgery

Arthur Hawes, MD; Carl Price, MD; Robert Shaw, MD; Connor Barnes, MD
Photo courtesy The Center for Plastic SurgeryArthur Hawes, MD; Carl Price, MD; Robert Shaw, MD; Connor Barnes, MD

The Center for Plastic Surgery
at CoxHealth (3555 S. National Ave., Springfield, 417-875-3247) was founded on the belief that aging is a treatable condition, not a foregone conclusion. Their approach to slowing, preventing and even reversing the signs of aging is through early detection and appropriate intervention, combining state- of-the-art plastic surgery with scientifically proven anti-aging therapeutics and products.

The Center for Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing patients with individualized and effective plans. While ensuring the highest quality result, they strive to make your experience comfortable, convenient and effective. Dr. Hawes, Dr. Price and Dr. Shaw are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have more than 50 years combined experience.

Dr. Shaw is an international expert on facial aging and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Price is the originator of endoscopic plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Hawes has trained with world-renowned experts who developed microvascular and breast reconstructive techniques widely used today, and Dr. Barnes takes a “primary care” approach with his patients to achieve natural results in cosmetic surgery.

The Center for Plastic Surgery is proud to have exceptional doctors on their team, and they are located in the Bone and Joint Center at CoxHealth.

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