Table Talk: August 6–12

This week: Red's Giant Hamburg opens, slinging hot burgers and fries; downtown jazz and cocktail bar The Hepcat hosts a soft opening Friday and Saturday; beer launches and pairings can get you sudsed up.

By Claire Porter

Aug 06 2019 at noon

Red's Giant Hamburg was a Route 66 Staple
Courtesy Red's Giant HamburgRed's Giant Hamburg was a Route 66 staple.
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Hamburg Helper

It’s official. Route 66 icon Red’s Giant Hamburg is (re-)open for business. The iconic eatery originated as a Route 66 hamburger stand, serving burgers and diner fare until 1984. The new Red’s is located in a fresh white building on West Sunshine Street, but it features the iconic “Giant Hamburg” cross sign (the “er” was famously left off because of a height restriction), plus plenty of throwback charm. The current Red’s, open under new ownership, serves the classic menu of burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and fries, plus vegan and gluten-free options—for the modern era. 

Jazz Cats

Gather the coolest cats you know and sidle downtown to The Hepcat. The jazz club hosts its soft opening this Friday and Saturday with a limited cocktail menu and officially opens for business on Tuesday, August 13 with live music from Missouri Jazz Orchestra. The full menus feature classic and craft cocktails highlighting fresh, seasonal ingredients and Midwest, Southern and soul foods. 

Skeleton Brew for the Skeleton Crew

Rountree’s Tie & Timber Beer Co. is debuting its collaboration brew with across-the-street-neighbor Team Taco in celebration of the taco shop’s grand opening today. The Simcoe hopped beer, called Skeleton Brew, is available in the Tie & Timber taproom and also at Team Taco. The crisp, smooth brew is refreshing on its own or equally as thirst-quenching when paired with a nacho plate.

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Sip and Savor

Head to Vino Cellars at the Lake this Saturday for a beer pairing dinner featuring five brews from 4 by 4 Brewing and four full courses made to celebrate each brew’s unique flavors. The dinner is also a great chance to try the brewery’s newest creation, the OMGuava, a pink guava hopped blonde beer with a slight grapefruit taste. 

Foodie Farewells

The mobile mavens behind Cecil’s To Go are bidding farewell. Owners Trey and Teri Manning have closed the business and are selling the trailer, from which they served Cuban sandwiches, tacos and more. Last Wednesday, Springfieldians also said goodbye to Jason’s Deli. The fast-casual chain served sandwiches, salads, soups and more from its Battlefield Road location for 5 years. 

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