Thanksgiving Meals That Don’t Involve Cooking

Cooking is time consuming and the holidays are stressful. Avoid the hassle altogether by ordering a pre-prepared Thanksgiving meal or enjoying a turkey day feast at a 417-land restaurant.

By Michelle Lewis

Nov 01 2023 at 8 a.m.

candle lit thanksgiving table setting
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Flat Creek & Billy Gail Restaurants

Several locations throughout 417-land
The Thanksgiving Family Dinner Packs at the Flat Creek and Billy Gail restaurants include all the holiday classics. With baked turkey, pineapple-glazed ham, a pie of your choice and a variety of sides.


Hy-Vee offers pre-cooked meal packs with proteins like whole Butterball turkeys and honey-glazed spiral ham and sides like mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, stuffing, apple pies and a bunch more.

Price Cutter

Turkeys are the main event in Price Cutter’s pre-cooked holiday meals too. You get to choose a couple of sides to go along with it, like cranberry relish, sweet potato casserole, spiced apples and more.

Mama Jean’s Natural Market

Previous years’ menus included dishes like farrow-mushroom stuffing, maple-chipotle roasted sweet potatoes, roasted turnips and Brussels sprouts, jalapeno cranberry sauce and more.

St. George's BBQ & Catering

Thanksgiving serves to be one of St. George’s busiest days for catering. Their menu includes a variety of smoked turkey options and sides. Offering pickup the entire week of Thanksgiving, St. George’s can serve a meal this season for your family.


Costco’s pre-cooked meal features a turkey breast with all the fixings and sides bundled together. Also, have you seen the size of the pies at Costco?

Sam's Club

These turkey-centric feasts include with a whole oven-roasted turkey and sides like creamed spinach, creamed corn and mashed potatoes to reheat.

Homemade. Delivered.

Order your meal a la carte or purchase a Thanksgiving dinner bundle from Homemade. Delivered. Their meals are made from scratch with quality ingredients and include a rosemary butter-basted turkey breast, herb stuffing stuffed chicken, brussel spouts with pecans and honey, sweet potato casserole with crisp steusel topping and other assorted dishes. 

Queen City Soul Kitchen

Queen City Soul Kitchen is serving up a delicious southern Thanksgiving meal including candied yams, collard greens cooked with smoked turkey, corn pudding, scalloped potatoes, peach cobbler and more. You can take all of these home with a single dinner purchase that includes turkey, dressing, gravy, three sides and a dessert for $18.50.

Where to Grab a Thanksgiving Dessert

Get those orders in early for your Thanksgiving pies, because you know dessert is the best part of the meal. Here are four great local pie bakers who’ve got you covered.

Prairie Pie

307 S. Jefferson Ave., Springfield, 417-459-8222
What to order: Chocolate-pecan pie or caramel-apple pie

The Pie Box

Springfield, 417-886-4743
What to order: Pumpkin crunch pie or butterscotch pie

European Café

207 Park Central East, Springfield417-986-4646
What to order: Apple pie

The Pie Safe

109 N. Commercial St., Branson, 417-334-0594
What to order: Dutch apple pie

Sleepy Opossum Cafe

1427 E. Cherry St., Springfield, 417-379-9401
What to order: Salted maple pie