Best Branson Activities for Kids to Release Some Energy

When your kids get a case of cabin fever, take them to Branson for new and classic attractions for every personality.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Jan 2021

Kids climbing at Fritz's Adventure
Photo courtesy Fritz’s AdventureVenues like Fritz's Adventure in Branson are the perfect place for kids to spend some of that pent-up energy.

Fun Mountain at Big Cedar Lodge

Who It’s For: Competitive kids
Why They’ll Love It: They can compete at bowling, rock climbing, bumper cars and more.

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Aquarium at the Boardwalk

Who It’s For: The budding oceanographer
Why They’ll Love It: This is a technicolor dreamworld for kids who love sea creatures.

Titanic Museum Attraction

Who It’s For: History buffs and Leo fans
Why They’ll Love It: They can explore a model of the ship, and enjoy artifacts and exhibits.

Beyond the Lens!

Who It’s For: The TikTokker
Why They’ll Love It: Kids search for Bigfoot, enter the Oval Office and enjoy wild selfie ops.


Who it’s For: Kids with wild imaginations
Why They’ll Love It: Explore an illusion art gallery, learn about physics, spin in a gyroscope and more in this interactive science mecca.

Fritz’s Adventure

Who It’s For: Kids who never stop moving
Why They’ll Love It: They can run, climb and explore through a ropes course, underground tunnels and interconnected treehouses.