Four of Our Favorite Rides at Silver Dollar City

We rounded up four of our favorite Silver Dollar City rides so you can plan your adventure trip to the park.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Mar 2021

Time Traveler roller coaster at Silver Dollar City Branson MO
Photo courtesy Silver Dollar CitySilver Dollar City's Time Traveler ride is a roller coaster enthusiast's dream come true.

Time Traveler

For the truly fearless

What it Offers: A 90-degree, 10-story drop; 50.3 mile-per-hour speeds; spinning cars; three inversions and a 95-foot-tall inversion. Phew! That’s a lot of action.
What it Feels Like: Being strapped into a rock tumbler that’s barreling down a hill at full speed—but in a good way! Truly, this ride is seriously so fun.

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For anyone who dreams of blasting off

What it Offers: A 0- to 53-miles-per-hour launch that only takes 2.8 seconds, a 110-foot drop and 64-mile-per-hour top speeds.
What it Feels Like: Being shot out of a cannon while you giggle uncontrollably. It’s an SDC classic.

Fire in the Hole

For nostalgia-lovers

What it Offers: A twangy Baldknobbers back story, some dribbles of water here and there (but not enough to soak you), and a few mild roller coaster drops.
What it Feels Like: A Walt Disney World indoor ride-through attraction with a distinct Ozarks vibe and some seriously old (but that’s why we love them) animatronics.

Mystic River Falls

For roller coaster weenies

What it Offers: Huge rafts, rushing water, a long 5.5-minute ride and a swift drop into a big splashdown.
What it Feels Like: The fun and thrill of white water rafting but without the danger. Like a roller coaster—but just barely.

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