Tips for Your Picture-Perfect Big Day

Planning a wedding can sometimes feel overwhelming. These tips from vendors can hopefully ease some of your worries about what to do with your space, your flowers, finding a bar service and then the cleanup afterward.

By Caroline Mund

Jan 2022

A bride and groom link arms in a champagne toast.
Photo courtesy of ShutterstockAdd a personal touch to your reception by coming up with a signature drink.

Look at Options

“Most brides will use china, glassware and silverware. But if a bride doesn't want to pay the upcharge for those, there are recyclable materials such as bamboo that are biodegradable.”—Patty Wingo, Simply Delicious 

Reuse Your Materials

“A great way to save money is reusing your bridal flowers. If you have six or seven bridesmaids, after the ceremony they aren’t going to be carrying around those bouquets, so put them in a vase, use them as a centerpiece or add those flowers to your cake, really utilize what you have. ”—Amber Putmon, Hy-Vee Floral

Budget for Rentals

“Get your venues first, so you’ll know what to rent. There’s a difference between hardware rentals and decor rentals. Hardware rentals are going to be items like tents, tables, chairs and dance floors. Decor rentals will usually include lighting, silk decor, hardware, vases, centerpieces, lanterns and things of that nature. Sometimes people think it’ll be cheaper to do a tent in the backyard, but this usually ends up costing more than if they just go and get a venue.”—Sarah Rein, Branson Party Rentals 

Finding Bar Services

“Find a bar service that does more than just offer basic packages. Us for example, we cater exactly to what the client requests. So, if a couple wants to have signature drinks, we design those. If they want Michlob ULTRA, Bud Light, Budweiser and Corona then fantastic, let's do that. A hit drink that I often make and is versatile, is a red moscato-based sangria. It's delicious. It has pomegranate and grape juice, with oranges, and I line the glass with honey and raw sugar.”—Amy Oberbeck, Shakers Mobile Bartending