Your Holiday Recipe Roundup

The holidays are a wonderful time for enjoying a home-cooked meal with loved ones. Whether you're looking for something special for breakfast, dinner, Christmas cookies and desserts or a festive cocktail, browse our favorite holiday recipes.

By Krysten Muench

Dec 2020

Christmas Dinner Table
Photo courtesy ShutterstockOur favorite holiday recipes for spreading a little extra cheer.
What Sort of Recipe Are You Looking For?


Prepare some breakfast goodies ahead of time to enjoy while opening packages or to savor after everything has been unwrapped.

Main Course

Whether you're looking for a show-stopper or more interested in serving up a bit of comfort, we've got some ideas for the table's centerpiece.


Sides can be surprising and are often the underdogs of the table with an extra punch of flavor.


Before you curl up next to the fire for a long winter's nap, indulge in a little extra sweetness.


These sippers will keep you feeling festive this holiday season.

Looking for the Perfect Wine Pairing?


Springfield, MO wine experts recommend some of their favorites for us all to enjoy this year.